Tales from the Garden of Mysteries

Enter – if you dare – the garden of mysteries. Open the creaky gate, tiptoe along a cobblestone path. Each stone leads the way into a unique story, a door into a different time and a mystery that must be solved.

Book One

Junior gardener Becky McGuffey has a bigger problem than weeds in her flowerbed. Someone . . . or something is snatching her prize-winning roses. Becky is determined to stop this pesky rose-napper.
But the county fair is coming up fast. Will Becky solve the mystery in time to enter her beautiful roses in the fair? Or will her hopes be “snipped in the bud” like her flowers? Just when Becky thinks she has found the perfect suspect, more trouble blooms. Will her mystery- solving deductions end up burying a budding friendship? Or can Becky find her way through this garden of mysteries?